Municipal WWTP



处理能力:19 m³/d


P rocess:废水预处理→→FMBR→出水




The MA State Environmental Protection Agency organized authoritative experts to conduct a one-year rigorous assessment of the energy consumption benchmarks, estimated consumption reduction targets, engineering plans, and standard requirements of the collected technical solutions. In March 2019, the Massachusetts government announced that Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.’s “FMBR Technology” was selected and granted the highest funding ($ 150,000), and a pilot will be conducted at the Plymouth Airport Wastewater Treatment Plant in Massachusetts.

The effluent treated by FMBR equipment is generally stable since the operation of the project, and the average value of each index is better than the local discharge standard (BOD≤30mg/L, TN≤10mg/L).

The average removal rate of each index is as follows:

COD: 97%

Ammonia nitrogen: 98.7%

Total nitrogen: 93%


时间 2019

处理能力: 130,000 m³/d


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项目 简介:


Different from the traditional sewage treatment technology which has large footprint, heavy odor, and above-ground construction mode, the FMBR plant adopts the ecological sewage treatment plant construction concept of "above ground park and underground sewage treatment facility". The adopted FMBR process removed the primary sedimentation tank, anaerobic tank, anoxic tank, aerobic tank, and secondary sedimentation tank of the traditional process,and simplified the process flow and greatly reduces the footprint. The entire sewage treatment facility is hidden underground. After the sewage passes through the pretreatment zone, FMBR zone, and disinfection, it can be discharged and used as water for plant greening and landscape while meeting the standard. As the discharge of residual organic sludge is greatly reduced by FMBR technology, there is basically no odor, and the plant is environmentally friendly. The entire plant area has been built into a waterscape leisure plaza, creating a new model of sewage treatment plant with ecological harmony and reclaimed water reuse.

地点 中国南昌市

时间 2020

处理能力: 10,000 m³/d




为解决生活污水带来的环境问题,有效改善城市水环境质量,同时考虑到传统污水处理厂占地大、异味重等缺点,需留远离居民区和管网投资巨大,当地政府为该项目选择了JDL FMBR技术,并采用“地上公园,地下处理设施”的理念,建设了日处理能力达3000吨的新型生态污水处理厂。 10,000 m 3 /d。污水处理厂建在居民区附近,占地面积仅6667m 2. 运行过程中基本无异味,有机残留污泥大大减少。工厂的整个结构隐藏在地下。在地面上,它被建成一个现代的中国园林,也为周围的市民提供了一个和谐的生态休闲场所。

Location: Huizhou City, China

Treatment Capacity: 20,000 m3/d

WWTP Type: Integrated FMBR Equipment WWTPs

Process: Raw Wastewater→ Pretreatment→ FMBR→ Effluent

Project Brief:

The Coastal Park FMBR STP is located at Huizhou City. The designed domestic wastewater treatment scale is 20,000m3/day. The main structure of the WWTP is intake tank, screen tank, equalization tank, FMBR equipment, effluent tank and measuring tank. The wastewater is mainly collected from the coastal park, aquatic product wharf, fisher wharf, dragon bay, Qianjin wharf and residential areas along the coast. The WWTP is built on the seaside, closed to the residential area, has a small footprint, few residual organic sludge discharging and no odor in daily operation, which does not affect the surrounding environment.