About JDL

Company’s Philosophy

Water is flexible and can change itself with external conditions, at the same time, water is pure and simple. JDL advocates water culture, and hopes to apply the flexible and pure characteristics of water to the concept of wastewater treatment, and innovate the wastewater treatment process into a flexible, resource-saving and ecological process, and provide new solutions for the wastewater treatment industry.

Who We Are

JDL Global Environmental Protection, Inc. , located in New York, is a subsidiary of Jiangxi JDL Environmental protection Co., Ltd. (stock code 688057) Depending on FMBR (Facultative Membrane Bio-Reactor) technology, the company provides the services of wastewater treatment design & consultation, wastewater treatment project investment, O&M, etc.

JDL ’s core technical teams include experienced environmental protection consultants, civil engineers, electrical engineers, project management engineers and wastewater treatment R&D engineers, who have been engaged in wastewater treatment and R&D for more than 30 years. In 2008, JDL developed the Facultative Membrane Bioreactor (FMBR) technology. By the action of characteristic microorganisms, this technology realizes the simultaneous degradation of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in one reaction link with fewer organic sludge discharges in daily operation. The technology can significantly save the sewage treatment project's comprehensive investment and footprint, greatly reduce the discharge of residual organic sludge, and effectively solve the "Not in My Backyard" and complicated management problems of traditional sewage treatment technology.

With FMBR technology, JDL has realized the transformation and upgrading of sewage treatment plant from engineering facilities to standard equipment, and realized the decentralized pollution control mode of “Collect, Treat and Reuse the Wastewater Onsite”. JDL also independently develops the "Internet of Things + Cloud Platform" central monitoring system and the "Mobile O&M Station". At the same time, combined with the construction concept of " sewage treatment facilities underground and park above-ground ", FMBR technology can also be applied to the ecological wastewater treatment plant which integrates wastewater reusing and ecological leisure, providing a new solution for water environmental protection.

Till November 2020, JDL has obtained 63 invention patents. The FMBR technology developed by the company has also won several international awards, including the IWA Project Innovation Award, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Wastewater Treatment Innovation Technology Pilot Grant, and the American R&D100, and rated as "the potential to become a breakthrough leader in sewage treatment in the 21st century" by URS.

Today, JDL relies on its innovation and leadership of core technology to move forward steadily. JDL's FMBR technology has been applied in more than 3,000 sets of equipment in 19 countries including the United States, Italy, Egypt and etc.

IWA Innovation Award Project

In 2014, JDL’s FMBR technology won the IWA East Asia Regional Project Innovation Award for Applied Research.

R&D 100

2018. JDL’s FMBR technology won the America R&D 100 Awards of Special Recognition Corporate Social Responsibility.

MassCEC Pilot Project

In March 2018, Massachusetts, as a global clean energy center, publicly sought proposals for innovative cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies around the world to conduct technical pilots in Massachusetts. After a year of rigorous selection and evaluation, in March 2019, JDL’s FMBR technology was selected as the technology for the Plymouth Municipal Airport pilot WWTP project.

Edison Awards

2023. JDL’s Wuning wastewater treatment project won the Silver Award of Edison Awards in Sustainability, Green Remediation.